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Though we don't always think about it this way, we use tools every day to accomplish tasks in our personal lives as well as professionally. For example, we use cars to get around, refrigerators to prevent our food from spoiling, and many people use computers to manage their work. Tools permeate every part of our lives.

Web development allows for a broad range of customization in a developers choice of tools. You can use a full-blown IDE that manages almost everything or a text editor and command line to deliver the same product. And every developer has their own preferences and is usually convinced that their way is the best — and it is the best for them. In the end it doesn't matter unless quality software is shipped.

In this episode, listen to a few of the Grok developers discuss the tools they've chosen to write software. We talk about some of the benefits of text editors vs. IDEs, the best tools we've found for front-end development, and how we communicate and work together when we aren't all in the same office.


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