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In this episode, Jason talks with Steven Quintanilla of Peer1 Hosting and Cliff Turner of Alert Logic about e-commerce. What is e-commerce? How do their companies help you get started and maintain a sustainable and secure idea on the web for sale? Consultation is key in growth and scaling as well as staying compliant with the regulations for e-commerce. Everyone works together to help you from the beginning stages of your idea to the next big thing.

Steven Quintanilla is an Ecommerce Growth Advocate with Peer1 Hosting (www.peer1.com). He is available to help you find the best platform and components for your project. If you are looking for solutions in hosting, you can reach him at email: squintanilla@peer1.com or phone: (210) 859-0137.

Cliff Turner works for Alert Logic (www.alertlogic.com). They specialize in providing security for e-commerce as well as ensuring that your application is compliant with the PCI (payment card industry) and DSS (data security standard). If you would like to contact him you can email him at cturner@alertlogic.com.


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