Code Reviews

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Why do code reviews? What is the value of having other developers assess the quality of changes to software? Settling for shipping "code that works" might work sometimes but eventually developers find themselves fighting against the prior decisions they (or another developer) made. Code review is one of the tools we have to fight against that.

But code review isn't just for making sure you have a great product. Though unsettling, it makes you a better a developer when your code is reviewed and when you have the opportunity to review the code of others. We not only ensure the best possible, easiest to modify code, we also get to level up our skills, raising the level of everyone on the team.

Listen to some of the Grok developers talk about how we write applications that not only meet client requirements, but are also easy to update if and when the requirements change. We talk about our personal experiences and the different ways we review each other's code.


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