PCSgrades Case Study

Designing and developing a system for military personnel to assist one another through the PCS process via trusted member-only reviews.


In the US Armed Forces, the relocation of a military member and their family is called a Permanent Change of Station, or PCS for short. Military families PCS frequently, and some families can PCS up to 10, 20, or even 30 times in a single career. The difficulty military families experience when PCSing combined with a lack of reliable information about quality providers that can service their unique needs leads to challenging periods for approximately 650,000 families each year.

Todd Ernst, a US Air Force veteran, and a small team of dedicated individuals wanted to give back and make life easier for their fellow military and veteran families. They decided to create PCSgrades, a ratings and reviews service tailor-made for military families to ease the transition to a new location.

Registered military members, veterans, and their spouses would be able to rate and review REALTORS®, mortgage lenders, moving companies, schools, off-base neighborhoods, on-base housing, and other services related to PCSing.

Unlike other review websites, PCSgrades would be closed to non-military reviewers and its members are vetted before being allowed to make reviews, so members could be rest assured that reviews were written by individuals committed to bettering their community.

Lastly, the vendors being reviewed would also be allowed to sign up in order to see reviews about their company, service or product. By default, poor reviews would be considered pending and the vendor allowed a chance to reconcile the reason for the poor grade with a certain timeframe.

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During development, we used online project management and collaboration tools to work closely with Todd. We also included:


After PCSgrades.com launched, development did not end there. We continued to refine, improve, polish and enhance the overall site.

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