MassVenture Case Study

Engineering a real estate investment platform so Texans can easily and directly invest online.


MassVenture has a mission:

Connecting People Through Technology to Invest in Real Estate

In order to bring that mission fully to life, MassVenture hired Grok to build an online investing platform.

From a broad perspective, the platform would need to allow MassVenture users to review, select and monitor investment deals.

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We know that business requirements change and ideas take on a life of their own. Therefore, while building the MassVenture system, we took an agile approach; keeping iterations small, using helpful online collaboration tools and maintaining a tight feedback loop so the MassVenture team could review, discuss and request changes quickly and so that we could implement those changes quickly, as well.

This approach looked like:


After many small iterations of development, we, along with the MassVenture team, delivered a custom-engineered medium through which MassVenture could further its mission of, "Connecting People Through Technology to Invest in Real Estate".

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