Your Customers Need Your App

Your Customers Need Your App

As a business owner, you want to maximize every opportunity for consumers to spend money on your products and services. Easier shopping for customers means more sales for companies, and the simplest way for people to do business with you is when they have their mobile device in hand.

Attract and engage customers with a mobile app

Eighty-five percent of customers prefer using a mobile app instead of a mobile website, according to Smart Insights. Purchasing short lifespan items using an app can become habitual for buyers. A great mobile application reinforces the ability for users to conduct transactions quickly, establishing a new purchasing process for them. Consider this example: Sellers and shoppers who used to frequent Craig’s List and EBay have recently begun migrating to Letgo, a mobile app, because it makes it easier to post, sell and buy items, almost instantaneously. Ebay and Craigslist unwittingly invite the seller or buyer to take their time to post and browse items online. But Letgo moves consumers to engage in commerce, in the moment. This is just one instance in which occasional customers are becoming frequent, even daily users.

Mobile websites are great for purchases, and customers still prefer using their computers to buy long-term, items like televisions, computers and other electronics. Mobile-enabled websites look great and showcase product and service offerings, but you need a mobile app to capture your existing consumers and turn them into habitual buyers. Get in the app game now, before your competitor does.

get customers back

Get your customers back

Let’s say you run a restaurant. New customers came in and loved their meal. They gave you five stars on Yelp. Heck, they even told their friends. In fact, you remember that family for their jovial attitude which made you happy because they were happy. But they didn’t return. Why?

People get distracted by life, so if your business doesn’t stay engaged with them, you risk losing them. A mobile app on your customers’ phones helps your business stay at the forefront of customers’ minds. Your clientele look at their phones and tablets every day, multiple times a day. Data reveals mobile users will increase spending by 19 to 48 percent within three months of using a mobile app. This is great news for you and should encourage you to think about customer retention.

Make a good thing easy

Researchers found customer behavior changes when they engage and use a mobile application. This news means your bottom line will increase. But the mobile application needs to be optimized for UX, or user experience. It’s about more than just making a mobile application. It’s about designing software with the customer in mind, particularly through user stories. In order to influence and sway your customers, you must make your mobile application easy to use.

increase bottom line

Increase your bottom line

Technology has allowed businesses to open virtual doors for consumers to shop. Customers no longer have to physically travel to your establishment to engage, so why are you still operating transactions as if nothing has changed? Here’s a simple strategy: Find more ways for customers to interact, and your revenue will increase. Mobile applications are about building relationships with existing and potential customers, and news reports reveal an app will keep them engaged longer than any other contact method.

Mobile apps can engage customers through:

The Grok Interactive team of mobile app developers is happy to consult with you and explain the process. The team has helped many companies from a variety of industries grow their business with mobile applications.

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