Why You Should Ask Santa For a Mobile App This Christmas

Why You Should Ask Santa For a Mobile App This Christmas

Did you know having a mobile app gives your business a competitive advantage? Of course you did, but you haven’t built a compelling argument for your team to dedicate funds to have one built. Here’s a great example of why your business needs a mobile app.

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Black Friday is quickly approaching and if you’re in marketing or sales you are waiting in anticipation for how many people will be camping out at your store, placing office bets on how long it takes for someone to get trampled while reaching for the best-selling toy, or finalizing how many security guards you’ll need to handle the influx of customers ready to fight for your best deals. These are all great problems to have. This means you have generated the appropriate amount of demand for your business in order to attract mass amounts of jolly customers ready to spread yuletide and cheer with gift purchases.

Now imagine if you could get into the mind of your customers by sending them reminders or in mobile app world, push notifications. These notifications are to remind customers to purchase a gift for their great aunt they haven’t seen in a decade or buy a thank you gift for the neighbor across the street who watched your house while you were away. Imagine if you could help your customers build a list of every single person they needed to buy a gift for and what gift from your store will fill that need all inside your mobile app. Then your customer can show up at guest services with all of their gift choices ready in a bag in which you helped them avoid walking through endless store aisles and waiting in cashier lines since you accepted their payment through the app itself. This is white glove service devoted to save your customers time while still requiring them to visit your brick and mortar store.

Let’s go back to the Black Friday example. Instead of paying for your ads to be distributed across local newspapers, you could alert your customers to wait for the ads to be available on your mobile app at a certain date and time. You would also be saving millions of trees and helping the environment in the process. You could have your customers register to your app and have them respond to quick surveys in exchange for a discount code to find out how many customers you should expect in attendance on Black Friday. Basically, the amount of information and data you could analyze to affect the amount of revenue generated for your organization just by building a mobile app for your sales and marketing team to utilize is invaluable.

Your team might not have anyone on staff who is proficient in building a mobile app or maybe you don’t have an interest in hiring someone full time for a project that may only take a couple of months to build and won’t have any other internal work to do after the mobile app is built. This could pose a dangerous HR issue if not handled correctly. You can minimize your risk by hiring an outside team or agency that specializes in building and developing mobile apps so they can help you get the competitive advantage you are looking for so you can continue to focus on what your company does best. I invite you to reach out to us at Grok Interactive so we can help plan for your next big shopping event. We can do the heavy lifting for you by planning, building, and deploying your mobile app so you can deepen the relationship with your current customers, and even attract new ones.

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