Voice Recognition is the Future of Business

Voice Recognition is the Future of Business

Businesses pay heed: mobile commerce stands as the future of business. Creating a mobile application is the immediate future of m-commerce. Everyone will migrate from their PCs to smartphones and tablets for their purchases. As a business owner or executive leader, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. (1) How will these portable devices change human purchasing behavior in five to seven years? And (2) As a business executive, how will I get there?

Voice recognition technology is the answer

Voice recognition software made leaps in technology over the past several years. New types of servers needed to be created in order to take on voice recognition software. These new servers create neural networks that are able to process voice recognition. Natural language understanding, known as NLU, turned into the key for creating software that interacts with users more intuitively. Cloud-based APIs like MindMeld spread this technology to other app developers. Wearable devices and hands-free car connections applied this technology when state and local governments cracked down on cell phone use while driving.

Speech recognition technology

How does speech-recognition technology affect my business?

If you do nothing to adopt it, your business probably won't be recognizable to popular virtual assistants, like Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana and Google Now. Now is the time to adapt for the coming change. The most successful businesses are already adapting their companies to the changing marketplace by using mobile apps. If you are still not convinced, consider these recent changes in the marketplace that clue you in to how commerce is being conducted:

The speech-to-command trend is undeniable

The sky is the limit for this technology. With the improvements in artificial intelligence and neural networks, this sector of business will see vast improvements in m-commerce. Creating a mobile app will get a business primed and ready for this future. Using voice recognition technology is the key to keeping up with the changing marketplace. Everyone will be talking to their phones for information. Fantasy movies were not too far off when they dreamed up stories about people interacting with machines as comfortably as they do with other humans.

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