Think Globally, Code Locally

Think Globally, Code Locally

We often forget that our global economy also operates locally. Nurturing local tech industries does us all well. Let’s compare the value and costs of outsourcing IT Development to your local community versus sourcing at a distance.

Maintaining a current and relevant web presence is difficult. Styles, technologies, security requirements, all change rapidly. IT staff are expensive and there are many reasons to outsource like: saving money, increased flexibility, focusing your efforts on what you do best.

Why stay local? Improving communication for starters. Software development is an iterative process. And I just lost some of you… Jargon can do that. What does the IT community mean by “iterative”? Software changes. We have all seen “sign up for the Beta”, or had our software update from V1.0 to V1.1. Some changes may not even be visible to your customer.

As you watch your customers interact with your application, your website or your mobile app, you’ll want to make changes to improve their experience. It might mean moving the “Checkout” button or simplifying the registration process. You might find that customers get stuck at the same point in your application and you decide to redesign it.

Why is a local shop your best bet? domain knowledge, quick response times, personal relationships, all these add up to an improved experience for you, the business owner. Your local development shop has the staff on-site. That staff will be intimately familiar with how your application works and we refer to that as domain knowledge. If your application needs updating, taking advantage the development shop’s domain knowledge and the quicker turn-around time will have a huge advantage. If something breaks (and in IT it will at some point) those same developers’ experience will be invaluable.

When shopping locally, you can expect quicker turnaround times for changes, for updates, for most everything your IT infrastructure might need. There will be no time-zone confusion and no language barrier. Most importantly, because of that personal relationship, your locally sourced Development Shop cares for you on a personal level. You have a working relationship with them. At the end of the day, locally sourced everything makes sense and locally sourced IT is not an exception to that rule.

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