Should I Create an iOS or Android Mobile App?

Should I Create an iOS or Android Mobile App?

If you are thinking about developing a mobile app, you’re probably wondering what platform you should use—iOS or Android? Business owners hiring a mobile app developer should carefully consider their options and research what these two well-known platforms have to offer.

To explain the performance of the iOS and Android platforms, we’ll use a popular app, Minecraft, to relay the facts and figures. Both platforms have their unique perks.

Advantages of iOS and Android platform

Apple’s enclosed platform, iOS, is known to generate more sales for businesses. If you want to aim at high-end users with your application, then it’s a great idea to place your mobile app in the iTunes store. Minecraft: Pocket Edition for $6.99 sits at the number two spot in the iTunes store. With more than 500,000 total reviews, it is a monetary juggernaut, catapulting the Minecraft franchise into high-end revenue.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition for $6.99 on the Android platform brings in many users. In the Google Play store it holds the number two rank as well, yet the audience size difference is staggering. More than 1.9 million users have rated the mobile app since its inception. The Android audience size is well over four times the size of the iOS audience.

So, where does this leave you? Do you feel you should select one platform over the other? Or is it better to have both?

Dual Frameworks

A simple approach to creating your mobile apps

Thanks to React Native, there is now a simple way to create both without doubling the cost. The framework of React Native allows for the simultaneous development of both iOS and Android applications. The brilliance lies in the use of JavaScript and React. You don’t have to create a mobile website application which can only be accessed online. React Native is the answer mobile app developers are using to help small business owners and corporate executives answer the preferred platform question.

React Native – a brief history

During the summer of 2013, Facebook hosted an internal hackathon. During this event, a team of developers created the React Native framework. Fast forward to January 2015, when the first public introduction of React Native occurred at React.js Conf 2015. Two months later, React Native appeared on Github. The platform has more than 1,000 contributors and is quickly becoming the most popular framework used by mobile app developers and mobile app consultants ahead of the technology curve. In 2016, both Microsoft and Samsung committed themselves to bringing React Native to their platforms. Even Amazon has a software development kit for React Native, allowing business owners to publish on Amazon’s App store for Kindle and Fire TVs.

Is React Native a good thing for your business?

React Native is the best approach for developing an app for your business. Thanks to all the legwork Facebook’s development team did on React Native, businesses can now remain platform agnostic. You no longer have to choose which platform to use for building revenue and an audience because new technology can build and update an app for both the iOS and Android platforms.

First step in mobile app development

The first step in mobile app development

The best way to grow your business is with a mobile app, and Grok Interactive will help you take the first step to uncovering opportunities you didn’t even know existed. Grok Interactive’s team, comprised of experts in React Native, has a well-established history developing mobile and web applications for numerous businesses in a variety of industries. Grok Interactive adopted this new platform specifically for the development of mobile applications because it seeks to help companies generate new sources of revenue. Why now? Grok Interactive helps clientele retain current customers and bring new cash flow with a mobile application made for the Apple App Store and Google Play. Contact Grok Interactive’s mobile experts today for a complimentary consultation.

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