Generate iOS Application Icons from Adobe Illustrator

Generate iOS Application Icons from Adobe Illustrator

Generating application icons for Apple devices can be a hastle. If you just support iOS 7.0 and later, you must generate at least 13 icons. If you add OSX, tvOS, watchOS, or any older OS versions, you may need to generate up to 40 app icons! If you decide to modify your icon, you'll have to start this process all over again.

What We've Built

We've built an Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud JavaScript program to take a vector-based icon and output applications icons for your iOS project. Simply open the icon, run the script, and drag the generated files into your Xcode project.


Download the two scripts and our MagicCasts SVG icon:


Ensure that your icon is 100 x 100. Because of rounding issues within Adobe Illustrator, some icons may render a pixel off, which will fail within Xcode.

See the thread discussing this problem: ExportOptionsPNG24 with large scale

Generate the Icons

Open your MagicCasts.svg in Adobe Illustrator. Run a custom script.

"Run a custom script"

Navigate to the directory that contains the AI-to-iOS-Icon-Generator.jsx script and open it to run.

"Run AI-to-iOS-Icon-Generator.jsx"

An alert will tell you where the generated files have been created.

"Run AI-to-iOS-Icon-Generator.jsx" "Run AI-to-iOS-Icon-Generator.jsx"

Copy the icons into your Xcode project

Here's the best part, simply copy the files (including the Contents.json!) into you AppIcon directory within your Xcode project.

In my case:

cp ~/Downloads/demo/MagicCasts/* ~/Projects/grok/MagicCasts-iOS/MagicCasts/Assets.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset/


"Behold!" "Xcode Result"

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