How Entrepreneurs Change Communities | TEDx San Antonio

How Entrepreneurs Change Communities | TEDx San Antonio

Our CEO, Jason Straughan, spoke at the TEDx San Antonio event this past November to praise the pioneers of our city. Watch How Entrepreneurs Change Communities today.

His talk focused on how pioneering entrepreneurs help change communities for the better. Using San Antonio as the example, his talk explored how entrepreneurs bring new ideas to communities through businesses and other organizations.

We refer to San Antonio as the City on the Rise. Our citizens are embracing new ideas, innovations, and it's a melting pot of different industries and culture. These were all built by different pioneers throughout our cities history.

Thanks to Geekdom and TechBloc, our city’s new frontier includes a rapidly expanding technology scene today. You can read more about the tech ecosystem we are apart of in this Geekdom blog post.

We are building communities we want to live and work in. We are creating a brighter future for our all San Antonio residents.

We have all benefited from brain gain from the people moving to our city. They discover, settle, and build.

Supporting local businesses is vital to the growth and success of any city. We invite you to call Grok when considering a local partner and developer for mobile apps built right here in San Antonio, Texas.

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Portrait photo for Jessica Hernandez Jessica Hernandez

Jessica Hernandez is the Marketing Operations Manager for Grok Interactive located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, Texas. Grok provides design, development, and software consulting services to their clients. They are active members of the Alamo city’s vibrant emerging tech scene.



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