Email Marketing is Dead, So What's Next?

Email Marketing is Dead, So What's Next?

Trying to reach new clients by email? Think again. Unless recipients are inbox obsessive, your email will wind up with thousands of other unopened emails. Most people stare apathetically or with dread at their inbox—the thought of going through the mountain of messages they receive each day feels laborious.

More unopened emails

According to MailChimp, marketing emails — even those with enticing titles and excellent content — are opened less than 30 percent of the time across all categories. If your campaign doesn't measure up to industry standards, you might be dead in the water. According to C|Net magazine, technology professionals believe email used as a marketing channel is dying under its own weight. Inc. magazine reports that email will be dead by 2020.

Think of the overall email statistics. There are 4.1 billion email accounts worldwide with 2.5 billion users, and those numbers are growing. Well over 122 billion emails are sent every hour. Your marketing email is one of billions of messages floating across the Internet. If you think this strategy is going to be useful in the near future, you're in for a rude awakening.

Take a look at your own inbox. Do unopened messages outnumber the opened ones? Is there a large quantity of spam emails? Do you receive unsolicited email messages? Chances are those emails are still there because reading them or deleting them or trimming the number of messages received is one more task you really don't want to do, so you simply ignore them and pretend they don't exist. Odds are, your customers are doing the same thing. So what's the solution? It's probably time to consider using mobile apps.

mobile app marketing

Mobile apps can breed a network

Mobile apps bridge the gap between consumers and businesses. They create a personal experience unparalleled to any other medium. Your customers want and need your mobile application Mobile applications and social networks are brilliant as marketing tools because they allow for better communications between you and your clients.

Apps get users' attention

There are different ways a mobile app makes itself known on a user's mobile device:

There are other possibilities, such as creating a fillable form in the app to gain direct feedback about your business, incorporating an API for a smart watch and setting up a GPS feature that tells customers where they can buy your products.

Be forward-thinking when considering the functionality of your mobile app. Take the client's perspective and imagine the user's experience when brainstorming design and functionality. We're living in a mobile age, and your business needs a mobile app in order to survive and thrive in the next few decades. You may already be behind, but Grok Interactive can catch you back up. Engage your consumers with a great mobile application.

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