Excellent Talks from Elixir & Phoenix Conf 2016

Excellent Talks from Elixir & Phoenix Conf 2016

In addition to the delicious lunches and snacks, beautiful location, friendly people and excitement in the air, Elixir and Phoenix Conf 2016 delivered some awesome talks. Here are our favorites:

Opening Keynote by Chris McCord

Phoenix – Getting realtime with channels.

Keynote by José Valim

GenStage and Flow.

Closing Keynote by Boyd Multerer

Elixir for the next 10 years.

Abstractions: A Tale of Keys and Values by Ernie Miller

Ernie shares his recent experience with Elixir and Phoenix that convinced him, more than ever, of the power a well-chosen abstraction can have to create a truly joyful development experience.

Migrating an invoicing system to Elixir/Erlang by Norberto Ortigoza

Introducing Elixir/Erlang in a company with a lot of investment in Java.

Debugging techniques in Elixir by Erich Kist

Meet some tools, learn how to debug and profile your system, check crash dump and how to find and deal with the most common cause of failure.

No REST for the wicked: Building a GraphQL API by Ben Wilson

A walk through how to build a GraphSQL API on top of Phoenix and Absinthe from the bottom-up.

Building umbrella project by Wojtek Mach

Explore how using Elixir's umbrella project feature can help with long-term productivity when working with potentially large codebases.

Leveling Up With Ecto by Darin Wilson

Learn about some of the foundational principles behind Ecto, and walk through a series of examples, starting from the very simple and ending with the truly gnarly, to help you understand how Ecto works and how to use it more effectively.

From Front End to Full Stack with Elixir and Phoenix by Lauren Tan

A narrative on the adventure of learning to think the "Elixir Way".

Painless Test Driven Development with Elixir and Phoenix by Kat Tornwall

Conventions, tips and tricks to help developers write simple, easy to understand unit and feature tests.

WebRTC and Phoenix, when μ seconds aren't fast enough by Jason Stiebs

Lessons learned integrating WebRTC with Phoenix channels.

For highlights from the conference, check out #elixirconf and #myelixirstatus on Twitter.

For a comprehensive list of all the talks with respective links, check out Lauren Tan's ElixirConf 2016 Summary github repo.

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