Creating Competitive Advantages with Mobile Apps

Creating Competitive Advantages with Mobile Apps

Today’s 21st-century market roils with new startups appearing, mature companies disappearing and industries interrupted. From Uber to Facebook, technology and mobile applications rule the business landscape. Competition in our society rubs elbows for the same audience. Even traditional companies such as Johnson & Johnson and ExxonMobile must adapt to this changing landscape. Business leaders need to distinctly differentiate or succumb to failure. Technologies such as websites and social media aren’t enough to keep companies on top—businesses need a more advanced tool to maintain a competitive edge.

Everyone uses smartphones

Smartphone use is the number one trend for consumers. Everyone stares with rapt attention at their phones. From morning to nightfall, the world embraces hand-held devices and their mobile applications.

According to SmartInsights:

By now you should understand the need to develop a mobile app for your business. Consumers spend a lot of time using apps, and their phones are undoubtedly the best place to reach and engage them directly.

Dual Frameworks

What Types of Business Advantages Can I Create with a Mobile Application?

Increase Customer Engagement

A mobile app allows you to interact directly with your customer base. By using push notifications, chat and other features, you create a rich customer experience. Customer engagement is all about UX or user experience. With a well-designed and executed mobile application, you can reach out and let your customers know you care to serve and provide.

Save Customers Time

The modern consumer who has become accustomed to a “now economy” dislikes waiting, especially in long lines. It kills customer satisfaction. Many food businesses like Dominos, Starbucks and Subway use mobile applications for advance orders. Walgreens runs a beautiful mobile app that allows customers to order prescription refills in seconds and receive a push notification when their prescriptions are ready.

Create Brand Loyalty

With great design, products, services and information, you create brand loyalty. Every time your customers activate their phones, they see your application. Customers don’t visit websites as often. Creating a rewards program within the application ensures the loyalty you built with clientele. For example, 7-Eleven’s app rewards users with free coffee after several purchases. Brand loyalty gives your business an edge over the competition and will increase your bottom line.

Increase Employee Productivity

Using a mobile app for your business creates internal value and staff engagement. You can connect your employees similarly to the way customers use the application. Employees can fill out reports through the app and note progress on projects directly without needing to sit in front of a desktop. Managers can track employee progress and help team members who struggle with an issue. Barcodes on items can be scanned directly into the app and reported into a live database.

Apps increase profitability with automation

Mobile apps give businesses competitive advantages, and your business is no exception. If you own a small business, a restaurant, a small cab service or even a freelance photography business, you can benefit from mobile app development. Don’t get left behind. Grok Interactive are experts at cross-platform mobile and can help you grow your business with an iOS and Android mobile app.

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