Codeup for a Brighter Future

Codeup for a Brighter Future

Last fall Grok Interactive was needing to hire a developer and expand the team. We had read hundreds of resumes, most with little to no practical programming experience. We quickly learned that many people wanted to be developers, but there were none to be found. The market was worse than we had realized.

Too many of our applicants had CS degrees, but could not answer basic web development interview questions. They had learned big O notation, could implement sorting algorithms, and had a basic understanding of [pointer arithmetic]( Despite all this knowledge, most had trouble creating solutions for entry-level web development problems.

Discussing the problem with other business people at Geekdom helped us realize this was an issue many firms were facing. We believed the basic knowledge required to enter the web development field could be taught in an intense, 12 week bootcamp.

So we started

Grok is very excited to be a partner in this venture. I am personally lecturing during the first cohort, and Grok has played a huge role in the development of Codeup's curriculum.

We build great web applications, and great web application developers.

Check out the live-stream on to see us in action, or visit the web site to learn more.

If you need a custom web application, contact me at Grok Interactive. If you want to be a web developer, see me at!

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Portrait photo for Jason Straughan Jason Straughan

The CEO of Grok Interactive, Jason is a long-time programmer, mentor, author, and speaker dedicated to helping companies improve their position and beat their competition though software that matters.



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